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Kumi Takiuchi Nude Scenes from Side Job (2017)

Kumi Takiuchi is seen in a school girl outfit, with a guy touching her inappropriately. He lifts up her skirt and examines her red panties, while she stands there. Eventually, he lies down on a bed and she grabs some lube, going down on him briefly before he stops her. He then asks her to take off her coat and shirt, revealing her red bra. He continues to squeeze her breasts aggressively, pushing her against a wall and throwing her onto a bed, causing her to run into a bathroom. Suddenly, a few other guys enter the room and start hitting the guy who was harassing Kumi. In the chaos, Kumi scrambles from one bed to another, her bra undone and hanging loosely, giving us quick glimpses of her breasts and nipples. In another scene, Kumi is on all fours, performing oral sex on a guy. Her hand is slightly blurred, and she is topless, wearing thong panties. The camera slowly moves around her body, showcasing her breasts and butt. She then grabs some lube and applies it to the guy, removing her panties and engaging in sexual intercourse while riding him. He reaches up and squeezes her breasts during the act. Later on, Kumi is seen lying naked in a bathtub, having a conversation with a guy. He eventually leaves, and she slides underneath the water, holding her breath for a moment before resurfacing and breathing heavily. Lastly, Kumi is upset and slowly removes her clothes, bending over multiple times to reveal her pink bra and panties. A guy watches as she takes off her bra, exposing her breasts. She hesitates while bent over, contemplating whether to remove her panties. Eventually, she decides to take them off and stands naked. In a fit of anger, she attacks the guy.