The Most Watched Nude Scenes

Noelle DuBois Nude - Night Vision (2011)

Noelle DuBois, known for her role in Forbidden Science, enters a bedroom without a top on and joins a man on the bed. They engage in passionate and intense lovemaking, with Noelle taking control and riding him vigorously. She then flips underneath him, scratching his back as they continue their passionate encounter. Unbeknownst to them, a hidden camera in the closet captures their intimate moments. Later, Noelle answers the door for a security guard, dressed in seductive lingerie. Her body suit has a plunging neckline that reaches below her belly button, adding to her allure. In another scene, Noelle dances provocatively in front of a man who is bound and duct-taped to a chair. She opens her trench coat, revealing that she is only wearing panties underneath. With her topless, she dances around him, placing her arms around him and swaying her hips seductively. Eventually, she climbs onto his lap, teasing him with her exposed breasts.